Laconicum in their own words, are “an extraordinary, independent, 100% online store selling hard-to-find cosmetics in Spain. We sell products that we’d love you to buy, but above all, we offer stories. It is presumptuous, we know, but also beautiful.” I think that it is a perfect definition. It is one of my reference sites and I use their products because they care a lot about what they sell. They care about design, too. So, when they ask me to collaborate with them for their second anniversary totebag, I was so pleased. I started to think about beauty. I concluded that, to me, the essential characteristic of beauty is balance. I thought about beauty rituals, too. When you are a kid, you use your mother’s creams and makeup, just for fun. It’s a game. When you are a grown-up, it is a ritual for pleasure and it has a certain rhythm, because it is something you repeat periodically. The image that came to my mind was that of the teeter-totter, which combines all these concepts. I decided that its equilibrium point must be the forefinger because, in addition to providing a sensorial feel, it is the one most used to apply creams, makeup, etc, and it is the one that we use to click and buy online.