I was commissioned to make this illustration. It was a gift for a family that has recently said hello to a brand new member.
This work makes me feel privileged. Knowing that my work brings joy to the giver and the receiver is priceless.

I was asked for a very exciting job: a family portrait to give as a gift on Mother’s Day, celebrating her first year as a mom. It was such a responsibility! It came to my mind a space background and the little one grabbing a clock pointing at her birth hour because she has all the time and space ahead. I wanted it to look like a comic, because motherhood and fatherhood are quite superheroic. I used ink, watercolor and gouache because this drawing was going to be placed in the baby girl’s room, so I wanted i to have lots of color. I think it worked, because the father told me that she laughs when she looks at it. I loved this work!

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