“Duz magazine” German Trade Press Winner

I am very happy to announce that “DUZ -Science and society magazine” has won the German Trade Press prize on the category “Best commercial magazine of up to 1 million euros of turnover”. 
This is what they say: ” “DUZ Magazine for Science and Society”, founded in 1945, has made a brilliant relaunch. The layout is modern and airy with the courage to take big images (this is my part :-)) and catchy typography. With this and the new classification, it also underlines the content-related objective. Namely, to broaden the scientific orientation to a social component and to interlink these two topics more closely. Here is a magazine developed with passion!” Sure we do!

More info here: https://www.boersenblatt.net/2019-05-23-artikel-kongress_der_deutschen_fachpresse.1661648.html


Retrato familiar

Category : Commission
Retrato familiar

El mes pasado me encargaron un trabajo que me hizo mucha ilusión: un retrato familiar para regalar el Día de la Madre, celebrando su primer año como madre. ¡Menuda responsabilidad!

Se me ocurrió ponerles un fondo espacial y a la pequeñita sujetando un reloj que marcara su hora de nacimiento, porque tiene todo el tiempo y el espacio por delante, y darle un tono comic al dibujo porque la maternidad y la paternidad es bastante superheroica.

Utilicé tinta, acuarelas y gouache porque el dibujo lo iban a poner en la habitación de la niña, así que quise meterle mucho color.  Creo que funcionó porque el padre me ha dicho que la niña se ríe al verlo.

¡Cuánto he disfrutado haciéndolo!

Last month I was asked for a very exciting job: a family portrait to give on Mother’s Day, celebrating her first year as a mom. It was such a responsibility!

It came to my mind a space background and the little one grabbing a clock pointing at her birth hour. This is because she has all the time and space ahead. I wanted a comic look , because motherhood and fatherhood are quite superheroic.

I used ink, watercolor and gouache because this drawing was going to be placed in the baby girl’s room, so I wanted i to have lots of color. I think it worked, because the father told me that she laughs when she looks at it.

I loved to do this work!


Family Portrait